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I first met Mandy wayyyyyyy back in high school.  She didn’t speak English very well and we were so opposite of each other that we never really got along.  Fast forward four years to college.  I walked into my first class and she was there.  Since she was the only person I actually knew, we sat next to each other.  Ever since then, she has been one of my best friends.  She recently got married and had a beautiful baby girl.  Its unfortunate that we live across the state from each other.

King City PhotographerKing City PhotographerKing City Photographer

At just 3 month old, baby Cassius is already a ladies man!  I think he flirted with me throughout the entire session.  Watch out girls!!!

San Diego PhotographerSan Diego Photographer

I can’t believe how fast Lili is growing.  It seems like every time I see her she is a little bigger.  This time Lili decided to try out her legs and we thought for sure she would take her first step, but not quite yet.  I can’t wait to do her  one year photos!San Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego Photographer

I’ve decided it’s time for another giveaway!  For this giveaway, I want you to nominate a family that you think is deserving of a free photo session with Saflower Photography.  Do you know a family that is going through some hardships, or maybe a family where a loved one is about to be deployed?  Maybe there is a family out there that has helped you or the community in some way and you would like to give back to them.  You may not nominate yourself! In a couple months I will do another giveaway where you can enter yourselves.

To nominate a family, all you have to do is send an email to with “giveaway” in the subject line, telling me about the family and why you want to nominate them.  They need to live in the San Diego or King City/Lockwood area, or be willing to travel there.  I will have a few impartial judges select the three that they think are most deserving.  I will then share the stories with you and put it up for a vote.  Please have your nomination in by January 21, 2011.

San Diego Photographer

I spent the morning in Old Town with a wonderful family.  Little Man is just a little younger than my twins and a ton of fun!  Thanks for the awesomeness this morning guys!

Old Town San Diego Photographer
Old Town San Diego Photographer
Old Town San Diego Photographer

Today I got to spend time with my second favorite little girl.  Little Lili is almost 4 months old and is super adorable!  She has the most kissable cheeks and cutest smile.  I hope you enjoy all this cuteness as much as I did.

San Diego Photographer

San Diego Photographer

San Diego Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful Lupo family this morning.  These kids were such a delight to work with!  Enjoy this little look into our great morning.

San Diego Photographer

San Diego Photographer

San Diego Photographer

San Diego Photographer

This weekend I was totally on cute overload with all the wonderful families I had the privilege of photographing.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had!  I hope you enjoy this little peek at your photos.

There is just something so wonderful about old building and barns.  When I was doing my photography classes in college I actually did my final project on old barns and building that were falling down.  Little did I know, one of the buildings from that project would end up being today’s location!  Hope you enjoy.






I love being able to photograph my friends and their families! I always have so much fun and come away with a ton of photos. Here is a little sneak peek for you.








P.S.  You CD will have close to 170 photos on it!!!  I just couldn’t narrow them down.