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I got to photograph my son’s future wife today!  Little Lili was so sweet and smiley today.  I just can’t get enough of her!!!

San Diego Photographer

San Diego PhotographerSan Diego Photographer

Since there was only one nomination for the giveaway, we have a winner!  I personally know this family and they are truly amazing for what they have done for the Lockwood community.  They always go above and beyond to help out help the community grow.  Congratulations Patterson family!

I would like to submit Lester Patterson and his wife Dawn for consideration by Saflower Photography as a candidate for the free photo shoot.  Lester and Dawn give so much of themselves to the community of Lockwood.  They have been working for years and continue to work tirelessly to make the Naciatone Interpretive Center a reality.  They volunteer their Ranch property and time for a Hunter Education program.  They host various other events throughout the year, like the Dutch Oven Cook.  Both Lester and Dawn are always willing to give their time at a moments notice.

I will be announcing another giveaway in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Today’s shoot was a reminder of how much I love doing what I do.  I think we could have gone on all night long if it weren’t for the sunlight disappearing on us.   Thanks for a wonderful evening W family.  I had a blast!

San Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego PhotographerSan Diego Photographer

I’ve decided it’s time for another giveaway!  For this giveaway, I want you to nominate a family that you think is deserving of a free photo session with Saflower Photography.  Do you know a family that is going through some hardships, or maybe a family where a loved one is about to be deployed?  Maybe there is a family out there that has helped you or the community in some way and you would like to give back to them.  You may not nominate yourself! In a couple months I will do another giveaway where you can enter yourselves.

To nominate a family, all you have to do is send an email to with “giveaway” in the subject line, telling me about the family and why you want to nominate them.  They need to live in the San Diego or King City/Lockwood area, or be willing to travel there.  I will have a few impartial judges select the three that they think are most deserving.  I will then share the stories with you and put it up for a vote.  Please have your nomination in by January 21, 2011.

San Diego Photographer