Let’s Hear it for the Boys | San Diego Photographer

June 20, 2011

Every once in awhile I will put a photo up on the I Heart Faces website for fun.  The week their challenge focuses on boys, so who better to show off than my little prince!  I actually intended this one to be for my Etsy shop, but he loved this crown and cape so much that it’s now his.  There are times when we go out to the store and both my son and daughter want to wear their crowns and I love all the mixed looks we get.

San Diego Photographer

Lynne: Cute! Ride away little prince!

Tamar Strauss-Benjamin: He is too cute!! Love the cape and crown, a true prince!

Susan: Oh, what a precious capture. He's adorable!!

Jennifer: Love this shot! You can tell he'll be king someday. :)

Rachel: Love the sense of fun and adventure - what a great capture!

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