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July 25, 2011

While I was up in Lockwood visiting my parents’ ranch a couple weeks ago, my twins experienced a first.  This was the first time they were able to drink from a hose.  I remember how much I loved drinking water from the hose when I was a little girl.  Our ranch has the best water!  I will be doing a post soon with a handful of other photos I took while I was up there.  This photo here is being used for an I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge.

Lockwood Photographer

Lockwood Photographer

Tanya: Brilliant! Great Capture!

Kelsie Taylor: Aww this photo makes me smile! So cute!

Simple Girl: Love those wagging tongues! Great capture!

CallieMarie: Oh, this is fantastic! LOVE IT!

sarah: Wow- I loved hose-water too as a kid! :) I love how they're trying to drink from the exact same spot. Adorable!

amanda: LOVE

Tiaras & Tantrums: look at your cute little double dippers!

Katie F.: Precious!

Robyn: Great catch - love the tongue action on your two cuties

Christine: How sweet are they?! I just love this-- especially in b&w!

Holly: So cute - what a memory!! :)

Sheri: Now that's sharing!

Tess: I love seeing all these water pictures!

Julie Wagner: LOVE this shot! Timeless and classic! Love the kids faces too, sticking out their tongues!

Julie Rivera: We were on the same wavelength with the hose water! I do love the conversion and the focus on their tiny tongues, reaching for the stream of water. Very nice!

Patty: Such a fun shot

Andrea: Love this! Simply adorable.

Life with Kaishon: Oh my goodness. This picture is SO good. I absolutely love it!

Rebecca Cox: I love this one!

Cristina: GORGEOUS! such innocence.

Anabel Sanchez: Great capture! : D

Cécile: So sweet and funny and well done!

Cécile: So sweet and fun and well done!

Jennoelle: This has got to be the CUTEST.THING.EVER. You captured this at just the right moment and it's amazing. I love their looks of total concentration and how both of them are sticking their tongues out as far as they can. =) Lovely, lovely shot!

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